© 2018 by SILVA

The Portuguese electronic music producer started this new project under a new name in 2018. Since 2009 he was touring under the name Kevin da Silva, playing more commercial electronic music and from time to time also House, Tech House and Deep House. Through his meeting with Ibiza based DJ and label boss Coxswain he got a taste of funky and disco house which led him to the project ‘SILVA’.  

Kevin was always staying under the radar – until now. Through the years touring as DJ he played in places such as the MMW & WMC Miami, Space Ibiza, Baia Imperiale, Ibiza Global Radio, Street Parade Zurich and more. But the feeling to only play music and not to create it, was a big issue for Silva and so he disappeared from the clubs and festivals. He locked himself into a studio and started learning how to create all those groovy beats and booming basses he was playing. And this is where he found his passion.


Since he discovered the never ending mesmerisation of music studios, he started to work as a producer and as sound / mixing engineer for DJs, and rock, jazz- and pop musicians. His profound knowledge of the different genres have a big impact in his productions. 

Silva is a man with experience and skills who has the drive and the will to achieve what he wants. He is ready to take over the clubs and to deliver high quality music.